Authentic Indian Spicy sauce made from fresh produce of the highest quality.

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Our Story

This amazing recipe has travelled from India, through to Kenya and into the UK. These authentic Gujarati chutneys will liven up any meal. As a child I  remember my mum making these spicy sauces for our family dinner parties “jumvanu’s” and it was a firm family favourite, being passed around the dining table to accompany samosas, pakoras and spice up the variety of curries that were on offer.

Always made with fresh ingredients, we knew they were special, but not until we introduced our tasty sauces to friends that we realised just how popular and versatile they really are. They would be specially requested for parties, gatherings and university runs. The vibrant red and green chutneys livening up any dining table/picnic mat!

Not only are they the perfect condiment to accompany Indian food. We are informed by our Chilli Parmar Sauce lovers how they add the chutneys to their everyday meals from pasta, to sandwiches to use as a marinade for Chicken & Fish for a quick and tasty bite to eat. 


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Green Chutney

Fresh Coriander and green chilli birds Eye Chilli.

Scotch Bonnet Sauce

The finest Extra Hot Scotch Bonnet Chilli with succulent fresh tomatoes.

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“This glorious deep orange sauce glistens in the jar with plenty of texture. It looks really inviting. It has a delicious fruity Scotch Bonnet nose, mingled with those Indian spices. On tasting it had us dancing in our chairs. That fruitiness comes through then than level of heat grows but doesn’t blow your mind. The Indian spices add a garam masala-type flavour that is very well balanced and they are not powdery, which is great. The level of acidity is just right too to tingle the taste buds. We really like this sauce and think it is a clever combination and very well-made. For this reason, we think it is worthy of an award. Well done!”

From Great Taste Judge

“.Lovely aroma. A savoury, simple sauce, which allows the flavour of the Scotch bonnet to come through with a gently building heat. Well-made and enjoyable.”


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