Coriander & Green Chilli


Bombay Sandwich (Cheese, onions & fresh coriander Spread)
White Fish Marinade. Cook dry in oven or BBQ
Chicken thighs & drumsticks. (Yogurt & mix with ½ bottle)
Stir into Pasta. Instead of pesto, spice up pasta with a bottle of sauce


Potato Curry. Thinly slice 4 potato’s, fry in a pan until soft. Add sauce & fry until cooked through
Paneer & spinach. Chop up & add any other veg. Soften in pan and add bottle of Sauce. Cook for another 20 mins for lovely curry
Try using other vegetables to add variety during the week
When using with meat, cook through first & add 20 mins before the end, with the vegetables.

Marinades & Condiments:

Spread over Fish/Chicken/Paneer. Place in fridge for 30 mins. Cook in oven or BBQ
Eat with Samosa/papadums/Spring Rolls/onion bhaji/Handvo
Great in lamb kebabs or beef steaks