Tomato & Kashmiri Chilli


Penner Arrabiata. Stir into Pasta. Indian style spicy pasta. Just add ½ bottle of sauce
Pizza baguette. Use a base for the pizza. Add any toppings
Cheesy Nacho’s. use a salsa to cover the top before placing in the over to melt the cheese
Jacket potato’s
Stir Fry. Add sauce to any meat & veg in the wok.


Fish Curry. ½ bottle of sauce & add coconut milk for a wonderful aromatic curry. Add rice or roti
BBQ lamb chops.
Biriyani. Add to layers in the rice dish to instantly flavour up the dish.
Corn on the cob. Take off BBQ/oven and spread sauce around the cob.
Chicken & Vegetable Curry. Add with 2 spoons of yogurt and sir through into the dish.

Marinades & Condiments:

Casava/paneer/tofu/portobello Mushrooms. 30 mins in fridge & straight into oven/BBQ.
Chicken breast/shoulders/lamb joints/beef steaks. 30 mins in fridge & straight into oven/BBQ.
Chips / French fries / nachos
Mozzarella strips
Burger sauce